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Newsletter | January 2023

It’s a new year, and a refreshed newsletter! We’re relaunching Accountability Matters to include stories that we hope will matter to you on the critical issue of accountability.

I’m excited that this issue includes stories of substance and relevance. You’ll find an article on how the COVID-19 pandemic added complexity to the already difficult issue of reprisals. There’s an insightful and candid interview with my colleague Ramanie Kunanayagam, the Chairperson of the Inspection Panel. And we report on how one independent accountability mechanism took a mountain of data and made it available – and searchable – to all.

We have much to look forward to this year. The Inspection Panel will mark its 30th anniversary – 30 years of accountability for the World Bank. The Accountability Mechanism will soon take over the Secretariat for the Independent Accountability Mechanisms Network. And we hope this newsletter creates an inclusive platform to cover important issues. We welcome your ideas. Write to us at accountability@worldbank.org. Happy New Year!


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Oriana Karina Bolvaran, John Donnelly, Yoshiko Ogushi, and Rabi Thapa

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The World Bank Accountability Mechanism houses the Inspection Panel and the Dispute Resolution Service.


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