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Newsletter | March 2023

Welcome to Accountability Matters! In this issue, we have three stories that we hope you’ll enjoy. We begin by asking seven people committed to accountability about their thoughts on the challenges and opportunities of dispute resolution between governments and communities. Then we take a closer look at a CAO advisory note on the important ways in which dispute resolution can result in a remedy supported by all parties. And our final story involves some fun and games – a board game put together by the Independent Redress Mechanism that takes players through the various stages of what happens to a complaint submitted by a community.

We’d also like to highlight two important events in the next two weeks: a celebration of the Inspection Panel’s 30th anniversary on April 6 at American University in Washington, DC (register here), and the World Bank-IMF Spring Meetings, held April 10-16. It’s wonderful that there’s so much happening in the field of accountability, and this newsletter aims to keep you up to date! Let us know what you think we should be covering in future editions at accountability@worldbank.org.


Job Openings

  • The AIIB’s Project-affected People’s Mechanism is looking to expand its roster of consultants for dispute resolution and compliance review. All interested should send their resume with a cover letter to ceiu@aiib.org, ccing shama.stoor@gmail.com.

Accountability Matters Editorial Team

Oriana Karina Bolvaran, John Donnelly, Yoshiko Ogushi, and Rabi Thapa

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The World Bank Accountability Mechanism houses the Inspection Panel and the Dispute Resolution Service.


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