July 21, 2021

World Bank Accountability Mechanism Secretary Begins Work


Orsolya Székely. Photo by Dominic Chavez.

World Bank Accountability Mechanism (AM) Secretary Orsolya Székely began work this week with an immediate focus on developing the AM’s operating procedures and the details of its dispute resolution process.

The AM was established by the World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors in 2020 during its review of the Inspection Panel toolkit to reinforce the Bank’s accountability framework. It houses both the Panel and a soon-to-be-operational Dispute Resolution Service.

“As I assume my duties, there is much work to do,” said Ms. Székely, whose appointment as AM Secretary was announced in early May. “We will focus immediately on creating operating procedures for the Accountability Mechanism that are fully responsive to potential complaints and establishing the operational details of the dispute-resolution process.”

To read the World Bank press release, click here

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