Dispute Resolution Service

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If the Complainants/Requesters and the Borrower choose the dispute resolution option, here is what happens next:

If a Request for Inspection is found to be eligible by the Inspection Panel and the Board approves, the Accountability Mechanism Secretary, within 30 business days after investigation approval, offers the Requesters and borrower the option of a voluntary and independent dispute resolution. If this offer is accepted, the Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) offers the Parties an opportunity to reach a voluntary agreement by:

  • Facilitating dialogue between the Parties in a structured and neutral manner
  • Utilizing a collaborative, flexible and situation-specific approach to assist the Parties in finding mutually satisfactory solutions to issues raised
  • Facilitating the conclusion of an agreement on the issues so resolved
  • And if the Parties so agree in the Dispute Resolution Agreement, the DRS will monitor its implementation. 

Dispute resolution generally has a one-year time limit to ensure that process is not prolonged and to incentivize the parties to reach an agreement. If both parties concur, the process can be extended for up to six months.

The dispute resolution process concludes when one of the following occurs: (i) the Requesters and borrower reach agreement; (ii) one or both Parties withdraw from the dispute resolution process; or (iii) the dispute resolution period expires.

At the conclusion of the dispute resolution process, the Accountability Mechanism Secretary issues a report to the Executive Directors, the Inspection Panel, and Bank management informing them of the outcome.

If the Accountability Mechanism Secretary informs the Executive Directors that the parties have reached agreement and signed a Dispute Resolution Agreement, the case shall be considered closed. The Panel shall issue a memorandum closing the case and take no further action with respect to the request.

If the process is not successful – or if the parties earlier had not agreed to dispute resolution – the case is transferred to the Inspection Panel for a compliance investigation.


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