Investigation & Verification

The World Bank


The Panel’s investigation takes approximately six months to complete from the issuance of an investigation plan.

The Panel’s investigation process involves three phases:

    (i)    Investigation preparation and identification of expert consultants,

    (ii)    review of documentation, staff interviews, and a field visit, and

    (iii)    report drafting and finalization.

Panel investigations include consultations with the Requesters, community members, Bank staff, the implementing agency, relevant ministries, development partners, and other relevant stakeholders.

After finalization and submission of the investigation report, the Panel shares the report and findings with the Requesters in order to enable them to participate more effectively in the Management-led consultations on any proposed remedial actions. These actions constitute a Management Action Plan (MAP) and would be included in the Management’s response to the Panel’s investigation findings.



The Panel’s verification is a tool used to verify whether the implementation of Management’s actions is in accordance with the Board-approved MAP. This generally take place after substantial implementation of MAP. The Panel recommends the type of process to be adopted for verification, subject to Board approval, based on the urgency and complexity of the environmental and social issues being addressed by the implementation of the MAP.

See link to the Framework for Proportionality Criteria and Modalities for Independent Verification of Management Action Plan Implementation The Panel’s verification focuses solely on the Bank’s actions as outlined in the MAP.


Cases under Investigation and Verification

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Sep 14, 2023

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May 16, 2022

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