July 18, 2022

Accountability Mechanism Secretary Invites Comment on the Draft Accountability Mechanism Operating Procedures

The Accountability Mechanism Secretary invites comment on the draft Accountability Mechanism Operating Procedures. The Inspection Panel has similarly posted draft Panel Operating Procedures, which can be accessed on the Panel's website.

The open consultation period runs for a period of 40 working days (8 weeks), commencing on July 18 and closing on September 12, 2022. Comments from any interested individual or organization are invited. Input may be provided in any format and any language.

The Accountability Mechanism Operating Procedures will outline the overall Accountability Mechanism process including the role of the Accountability Mechanism Secretary and guide the work of the Dispute Resolution Service. They will supersede the Dispute Resolution Service Interim Operating Procedures, which were released in October 2021 to operationalize the service.

Both the Accountability Mechanism and the Inspection Panel Operating Procedures are subsidiary to the Accountability Mechanism Resolution and the Inspection Panel Resolution.

Early submission of comments is much appreciated and may allow an opportunity for direct feedback. Comments of a general nature are welcome, as are comments which relate specifically to identified sections or paragraphs. All input will be carefully considered.

Submissions or queries may be submitted to

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