October 11, 2023

IAMnet Annual Meetings 2023

IAMnet Annual Meetings 2023

 Participants at the IAMnet Annual Meetings 2023 in London   

Representatives from 24 Independent Accountability Mechanisms convened at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development HQ in Canary Wharf, London from October 4-6 to exchange knowledge, good practices, and lessons from across the world. The 20th edition of the IAMnet Annual Meetings, which included a CSO day attended in-person by 19 civil society representatives, was organized by the IAMnet Secretariat (currently held by the World Bank Accountability Mechanism) and hosted by the Independent Project Accountability Mechanism (IPAM) at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

The Annual Meetings reaffirmed our commitment to address the concerns of communities that may be harmed by projects funded by international financial institutions.

We would like to thank all participants for their productive contributions and look forward to IAM-CSO collaboration to uphold this year’s conference theme of community-centric accountability.


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Sep 29, 2023

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