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Newsletter | September 2023

Welcome to the September issue of Accountability Matters.

Summer is on the way out in Washington, DC, but here at the Accountability Mechanism we’re gearing up for the IAMnet Annual Meetings hosted by IPAM/EBRD in London from October 4-6. As we currently host the IAMnet Secretariat, we’ve been actively engaged in fitting together the nuts and bolts of the community-centric panel sessions, which will incorporate a CSO day with civil society representatives from across the world. I am happy to have learned of the CSO networks’ great efforts to facilitate in-person access to a few smaller organizations. In our first story, an interview with participants provides a preview of what may be expected from the Annual Meetings.

IAMnet members also reach out to civil society outside of these meetings, of course, and we have a short report on a lively Massive Open Outreach Seminar on Development with Accountability that took place at the end of July. And, in the interest of keeping you all up to date on your reading, we have prepared a publication round-up of the latest knowledge products from the accountability community of practice.

We hope you enjoy this edition. Please let us know if you have any comments or story ideas at accountability@worldbank.org.


Accountability Matters Editorial Team

Oriana Karina Bolvaran, Jennine Meyer, Yoshiko Ogushi, and Rabi Thapa

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